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Services Offered By My Private Exterminator Inc.

My Private Exterminator Inc. is a pest control and exterminator service providing company, which operates in New York City. We offer a full range of services for the effective control and extermination of the different types of pests which create problems, irritate and wreak havoc in your busy lives.

We offer expert pest control and extermination services for our residential, commercial, industrial and food service provider clients. Our expertly trained team provides competent pest extermination services, strictly in accordance with the specified industry standards. We offer effective and efficient services with the latest pest control and extermination equipment available in the market.

We offer services according to the needs of our clients. We supply safe green services for pest control, and also offer the use of different pesticides for the complete removal of pests on the property. Our highly expert team is skilled enough to tackle all the different types of pests that might trouble and irritate you on your home or business property.

Our expert team has been licensed and trained by the Department of Environmental Conservation, enabling us to offer our clients highly effective and professional services to rid a property of any and every type of pest, which might create problems for our customers. Besides our expert pest control and extermination services, we also offer assistance to our clients for the possible identification of the different types of pests on their property. Our team of professionals also provides assistance for offering guidance regarding the different recommended pest control measures, for their efficient removal from a property. We also offer information and control tips on our website for the assistance of our clients.

We aim to facilitate our customers by providing them with all the assistance they require, for the proper identification and extermination of the pests infesting their property. We aim to secure customers for life, by providing them with our competent pest control and extermination services in the market. Please give us a call to get more details about our services!

We get rid of:
  • Bed Bugs
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Rats